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ERP Finland has currently over 50 members. Internationally, the ERP network manages compliance for over 2,300 companies at national and European-level

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To date we have over 50 members and continue to grow our member base annually. Our members and customers range from small local companies to huge multinationals and include:

  • EEE Producers (B2B and B2C) 
  • Battery Producers
  • Packaging services for EEE and battery members
  • Distant sellers


ERP Finland ry welcomes all the manufacturers and importers considered as the producers of electrical and electronic equipment, portable batteries. For our EEE and batteries members we also offer packaging compliance services by the Finnish waste legislation. For distant sellers, we offer authorised representation through our service company ERP Services Finland Oy.


ERP Finland’s Members list


Member Name                                                 Business ID                                       Services

Bat Power Oy                                                     FI09200498                                WEEE and Batteries

Belectro Oy                                                         FI24894440                                WEEE and Batteries

Bioventus Finland Oy                                        FI25348505                                WEEE and Batteries

Celotron Oy                                                        FI16359907                                         Batteries

Dell Oy Ab                                                           FI08444327                                WEEE and Batteries

Dometic Finland Oy                                           FI08854131                                WEEE and Batteries

Electrolux Oy Ab                                                FI19638362                                WEEE and Batteries

EMC Computer-Systems Oy                            FI10319867                                         Batteries

Enkom Oy                                                           FI01831252                                           WEEE

F-Secure Oyj                                                       FI07055792                                WEEE and Batteries

Garmin Suomi Oy                                              FI10723253                                WEEE and Batteries

Gigantti Oy Ab                                                    FI15238468                                WEEE and Batteries

Hewlett-Packard Oy                                          FI15536174                                WEEE and Batteries

Hong Kong Import Ltd Oy                                FI25568073                                WEEE and Batteries

HP Finland Oy                                                    FI26694733                                WEEE and Batteries

Husqvarna Oy Ab                                              FI19638450                                WEEE and Batteries

Jarima Trading                                                   FI09899745                                 WEEE and Batteries

Kicks Kosmetikkeskedjan Oy                          FI20615109                                 WEEE and Batteries

Kivi-Pekat Oy                                                     FI06887327                                            WEEE

KWH Mirka Oy Ab                                             FI07217894                                 WEEE and Batteries

L´Oréal Finland Oy                                           FI03462796                                 WEEE and Batteries

Markem-Imaje Oy                                             FI20354180                                 WEEE and Batteries

Martten Finland Oy                                           FI19150746                                 WEEE and Batteries

Maxisat Oy                                                         FI06483090                                            WEEE

Mehackit Oy                                                      FI26310218                                WEEE and Batteries

Mobidiag Oy                                                      FI16510072                                            WEEE

MyWei Oy                                                          FI28056022                                WEEE and Batteries

Nikotiiniton Sähkötupakat Oy                        FI25428222                                WEEE and Batteries

Nokia Technologies Oy                                    FI26550449                                WEEE and Batteries

Novatron Oy                                                      FI09556515                                WEEE and Batteries

Ollu Oy                                                               FI26925327                                            WEEE

Pre5ence Oy                                                     FI25415552                                 WEEE and Batteries

Procter & Gamble Finland Oy                        FI02016065                                 WEEE and Batteries

Oy Reagena Ltd                                                FI24950078                                 WEEE and Batteries

Sector Alarm Oy                                               FI06677610                                            WEEE

Sigma-Aldrich Finland Oy                                FI09647652                                WEEE and Batteries

Sony Europe Limited, Suomen sivuliike        FI23356632                                WEEE and Batteries

Steripolar Oy                                                     FI06039248                                          Batteries

Suomen Turvakauppa Oy                                FI21752359                               WEEE and Batteries

TomTom Sales BV Finland Branch                 FI21237824                                WEEE and Batteries

Tosibox Oy                                                         FI24107785                                WEEE and Batteries

Transmeri Oy Ab                                               FI25658933                                WEEE and Batteries

Valmet Automation Oy                                     FI15703147                               WEEE and Batteries

Verkkokauppa.com Oyj                                    FI14563445                                WEEE and Batteries

Verkter Suomi Oy                                              FI25180482                                WEEE and Batteries

Voyantic Oy                                                        FI19273308                                           WEEE



ERP Services Finland Oy acts as an authorized representative for:


Customer Name                                              Business ID                                       Services

BISSELL International Trading
Company B.V.                                                NL851002729B01                                    WEEE
Conrad Electronic International

Gmbh & Co KG                                                 ATU66596702                                       WEEE

Flashbay Ltd                                                     GB832298909                                       WEEE

Hitevision Tech Europe Slu                            ESB87537585                                        WEEE

iZettle Merchant Services AB                      SE556812267401                                     WEEE

Libratone A/S                                                    DK32647642                                          WEEE

Microsoft Ireland Operations Limited           FI14725352                                           WEEE

Oculus VR Ireland Limited                               FI26774207                                           WEEE

Samsung Electronics Air

Conditioner Europe B.V.                               NL856813230B01                                   WEEE

Tobii Ab                                                            SE556613965401                                   WEEE

Vanderbilt International (SWE) AB               SE556987466101                                   WEEE

Vistaprint B.V                                                  NL812139513B01                                   WEEE

Withings SA / Nokia Technologies

(France) SA                                                       FR65504787565                                     WEEE